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Robert S. Gordon, Ph.D., M.F.T.
While Our True Nature is Already Perfect
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(415) 771-7377



A healthy family fulfills deep needs for tenderness, sharing and love.

A healthy family promotes healthy individual development and maturity.

When our family is healthy, our individuality flourishes and thrives. However, when our spouse or child is upset or troubled, there exists a stress that affects all members of our family. I have extensive experience in helping families of all types including families that are blended through second marriages, extended families, interracial, adoptive, gay and lesbian parents and their children, transgender families and families of single parents.

I help families significantly improve the quality of their lives on a daily basis. Our own emotional maturity is tested within the relationships we have with our family members.

I work both with family members as a whole group and with individuals or components of the family in order to promote and improve safe and clear communication.

I support the love, respect, acceptance and integrity of each member of the family as a unique individual.

I also work with parents to help them with the different and specific tasks of relating that are essential in order to successfully negotiate and manage the different stages of their children's lives.

I am results oriented!