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Robert S. Gordon, Ph.D., M.F.T.
While Our True Nature is Already Perfect
Your Life Can Be Better
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(415) 771-7377

How Therapy Works

My Orientation and Philosophy of Therapy

Therapy ultimately works by cultivating and developing a sense of aliveness.
Everything I do as a therapist is oriented toward cultivating a basic sense and experience of well-being that is necessary in order to negotiate our daily life.
It’s a complex world, in which we live.  Life, while it’s sometimes smooth sailing, is not necessarily easy at every turn.  But when we have an overall sense of wellness in our being, we are equipped to negotiate or handle the challenges we face with a kind of equanimity or emotional balance.
I work with people using a wide variety of approaches of clinical practice that I’ve studied, trained in, and cultivated over the past 40 years.
I have trained in both the Jungian (depth psychology), psychoanalytic and object relations schools of therapy, as well as in family therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.
I am also interested and trained in transpersonal approaches to therapy that go along with the development of a healthy personal self.  The transpersonal examines the true nature of our very existence of the self, itself - with such questions as:
  • “Who am I?” 
  • “What am I, really?” 
  • “Who exists when I’m not thinking about myself, but I still seem to be here, anyway?” 
  • “My feelings come and go…….eg. ‘I’m angry,’  ‘I’m sad,’  ‘I’m worried,’ etc., 
What I Do:
  • I help people experience their personal and specific vulnerabilities in life and help them solve the problems they face that begins with our early conditioning from parents, family life, school experience, as well as our experience with friends and overall social life - over time.
  • I help people relate to that part of us that is unconscious - as in our sleep - through working with dreams and patterns of behavior that are quite universal.
  • When the voice and meaning of a dream speaks to you, it is more meaningful than anything that anyone else can say.  It is your dream. 
  • I help people relate to boundaries as they relate to their relationships.
  • I work pragmatically: “Let’s find out what doesn’t work and don’t to that.”
  • I help people develop a curiosity through simple techniques, that open the door to a calm within that always exists and is always accessible