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Robert S. Gordon, Ph.D., M.F.T.
While Our True Nature is Already Perfect
Your Life Can Be Better
(415) 771-7377
(415) 771-7377
Robert S Gordon, Ph.D, MFT
Allow me to introduce myself to you through this website.  On these pages, you’ll get a sense of my services, the kinds of therapy and counseling that I provide, and my overall orientation as to how I work.

I’ve been working as an individual, couples and family therapist  in San Francisco for over 35 years, helping people build more constructive relationships – both with themselves and with others.

I provide both brief and longer in­-depth therapy for people who are seeking to lead a life that is truly right and rewarding for themselves.  
I have been successful in helping individuals with: 
  • Depression and Confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Lack of self-worth
  • Lack of self-esteem.  
Sometimes these kinds of problems  lead to difficulties in making decisions, finding the correct orientation in life, being able to establish and maintain a satisfying relationship, or floundering in a career or job that is not fulfilling.
Is this you?
I provide therapy and counseling for couples for those who either want help with a specific problem or simply want to improve the ways that they communicate with one another.   I work with issues such as: restoring a respect that must be present in order for a relationship to to thrive and often to survive.  I help people with healing hurt feelings, repairing emotional discord, and betrayals such as lies fidelity issues, and affairs.  Most fundamentally, I help people to learn to truly listen to one another.  
Listening, in its truest sense, has a very high standard.  It is more than politely remaining quiet, while the other speaks, and being able to repeat what was said.
I work with families, in which members are having difficulties with each other and with their extended family members, as well.
Over the years, I have helped parents with a variety of topics related to raising a healthy family – and specifically addressing the developmental and attachment issues of infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, adolescent development and launching adolescents into young adult life. 
How Therapy Works
Often a sense of dis-ease is a sign of something quite positive within you that wants to grow. Have you noticed that we often either shy away from our problems – maybe just wishing that they just weren’t there – or have some kind of resistance to them? Resistance to our problems or to life itself, simply doesn't work. Many of the significant problems that cross our path in life and cause us considerable distress are actually opportunities that ultimately open up greater possibilities.
Our problems contain the seeds of their solutions.
(415) 771-7377